Wednesday, June 30, 2010

January 6, 2010

We're finally in 2010 (only half a year late)!

Nik and I met on January 6, 2007 because I was in town (from the Duke Marine Lab in Beaufort) for a basketball game. As I was trying to figure out what I would get Nik for our 3-year anniversary, I decided to check out the Duke basketball schedule. Lo and behold, Duke was playing in Chicago on January 6, 2010. I asked Nik if he would be able to take a half day from work that day, but told him it was going to be a surprise. By the time he finally gave me an answer, I wasn't able to get as good of seats, but I still got seats none-the-less. I was super excited to pull off this awesome surprise, that is, until my boss ruined the surprise at our office holiday party! We still had a great time, eating at Michael Jordan's one sixtyblue for dinner before the game (really good!) and then heading over with perfect timing. We did, however, have to leave the game immediately after it was over and drive home quickly before our first really big snowfall hit.

Oh yeah, and Duke won!

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