Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Origins of "MoMo"

Nik and I had the chance to see some of our really good Duke friends at a Duke friends' wedding last weekend. The first thing Richard said to me was that he was upset that I hadn't mentioned his involvement in the name "MoMo." So, I promised him I would write up an entry attributing him to the origins of MoMo.

Richard is a very good friend of Nik's (and has subsequently become a good friend of mine) from the BME (Biomedical Engineering) department at Duke. Richard likes to call Nik "Nik-y Poo" or "Poo Bear" and decided that I also needed a nickname. And the evolution of MoMo began. At first I was stronly opposed to the nickname. But, Richard, of course, was able to successfully get some of our other friends to call me MoMo as well. Soon, most of the guys only called me MoMo and I eventually warmed up to the name. And what better name is there for a blog? I think MoMo is perfect.

This picture is for you, Richard.

(No, this jag is not my car)


  1. I fully endorse this historical recollection.

    -Richard Robert Leo Arthur Bouchard
    "Momo" Creator

  2. Haha - thanks! I'm so glad you used your full name!