Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend adventures - Oct. 22

Well, most of last weekend's adventures were checked off the list. The only ones that didn't get accomplished were: eating delicious homemade raviolis at an Italian church festival on Sunday (we were too hung over [therefore slept in too late] and had too much going on to squeeze it in) and yard work.

So what's the plan for this weekend? Not much. We'll be traveling the next 3 weekends, so I want to relax a bit and enjoy the lovely weather we have right now. On the agenda:

lawn mowing
smoking (as in meat)
blogging (including this one!)
(hopefully) hiking
and finally....relaxing!

What are your fun weekend plans?

p.s. - I'm hoping to start adding a follow-up post to these with pictures from some of our weekend adventures. Guess that means I'll need to start downloading pictures from the camera more frequently than once every 3 months... :)

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