Friday, January 15, 2010

It's official!

I signed up for my second half-marathon today! Nik's older sister, Katherine, and I will be running the Kentucky Derby mini-marathon on April 24th. It will be the first time visiting Louisville for all of us, so we're all super excited. And it's nice that the race is on Saturday morning, so that we'll give a chance to check out the city Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning. Nik's definitely hoping to get some bourbon tasting, and possibly distillery tours, in while we're there.

Considering it's been almost 3 and half years since I ran my last half marathon, I'm a little nervous/scared/excited. I started training last Saturday with a running group I joined. We meet Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. I'm also running 2 other days on my own as part of the training program. The fact that I'm actually part of a training program this time around, instead of just making up a program for myself like I did in NC, makes it a little less scary. So, Saturday mornings aren't going to be too much fun for the next 3 and half months, but at least tomorrow will be ~25 degrees warmer than last Saturday.

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