Sunday, April 4, 2010

4th of July (2009)

Well the next event we remembered to take pictures at was Nik's older sister's wedding. In between the April visit from the sisters and the 4th of July, we planted our garden (seen in previous posts), spent Easter and Memorial Day weekend (for Katherine and Matt's wedding shower) in Indianapolis at Nik's parents house. We, of course, forgot to take pictures at those events. But, I more than made up for it at the wedding!

We headed up to Chicago Wednesday evening and made it just in time for a late dinner with Katherine, Matt, Natalie, Greg, Matt's sister Beth, and a couple of Katherine and Matt's close friends. Dinner was at The Publican and was amazing (especially the aged hams).

(Greg and Natalie, now engaged too!)

We spent Wednesday night at Katherine and Matt's, and Katherine and I actually got up and went for a run Thursday morning. After that, we headed down to the famous Hot Doug's for my first ever Chicago Dog experience. We got there early knowing that there would be a long line.

Apparently the duck fat fries are amazing, but we went on a Thursday and they only serve the fries on Friday, so we missed out on them. It was still delicious, however.

Natalie had some art work showing at a gallery, so Nik and I headed down there with Nik's parents Thursday afternoon to check it out. Natalie does papercutting and it's absolutely amazing. For this show, she made globes.

That night was friends night, so we met up at one of Matt & Katherine's favorite bars, then headed over to their friend, Jackson's, condo (and his amazing rooftop!).

(Katherine and Matt)

(Sisters: Katherine and Natalie)

(The siblings)

(The siblings with their significant others)

(Nik and Natalie gettin' down on the roof)

The rehearsal dinner was Friday night, at a restaurant with an outdoor courtyard area.

(Being patriotic in my attire)

Well, I think this post is long enough. I'll follow it up with plenty of pictures from the wedding shortly!

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