Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bockfest 2010

Well, it's almost the end of July, so I decided I should get another post up, this one on our adventures in March. Now I'll only be 4 months behind (yikes!), but August should be a little less busy, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up a lot more then.

At the beginning of March we volunteered at and participated in Bockfest. Bockfest celebrates the coming of Spring with Bock-style beer. Bock apparently means 'goat' in German, so goats are celebrated too. Bockfest is, by far, the coolest celebration in Cincinnati (in mine and Nik's opinions). Scott (Nik's best friend) and his wife Annie will hopefully be visiting us next year for Bockfest! Here are some pictures from the opening parade on Friday and Bockfest hall.

{scary eyes}

{yes, i am short}

{Moerlein is a Cincinnati beer company, probably my favorite Cincinnati brew}

More posts shortly on the rest of our fun month of March!

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